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Full size static banner: HKD700-1000/pc

All social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and etc.


1 page static EDM: HKD1000-1500/pc

All size: HKD800-1200/pc

2-sided (no-die cut): HKD1000-1500/pc

All size: HKD800-1200/pc

Depends on size and quantity. Please contact our team for the price.

All size static banner: HKD700-1000/pc

Bundle Price (static): HKD1500-2000

Includes 3 banners (cover most ad formats auto-generated by Google):

1200 x 628 px: 1 pc

1080 x 566 px: 1 pc

1080 x 1080 px: 1 pc

All size static banner: HKD700-1000/pc

HKD 4000/pc


Embed in HTML: +500/ecard

Soundtrack: +HKD1000/track

1 page A4 leaflet: HKD800-1200/pc

All size: HKD800-1200/pc

All size: HKD2000/pc up

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